• Developing Artistic & Athletic Skills (一人一才艺)

    • • Artistic and athletic programs for students to choose every year
    • • Creative art education including 3D design, drawing, application design,
           filmmaking, video editing, calligraphy, and computer graphics, for a total of 7
    • • Music education where students learn to play violin, cello, brass instrument,
           jazz piano, viola, contrabass, clarinet, flute, orchestra, acoustic guitar,
           percussion, etc., for a total of 11 choices
    • • A variety of sports programs including American football, flag football,
           lacrosse, basketball, table tennis, taekwondo, spinning, judo, kendo,
           fencing, weightlifting & CrossFit, athletics, for a total of 12 choices of athletics
  • Good Health, The Prime Prerequisite for CNSAians
    (健康是Cnsaian的首要条件 )

    • • CNSAians begin a day with Morning Spark (school morning exercise)
           everyday at 6:40 am.
    • • All students must take a physical education class once or twice a week
           during their three years at CNSA.
  • Academic Clubs (学术型社团)

    • • Providing 25 academic clubs as Fusion Math, Brain Science, C-Robot and
           CNSA English Debate etc.
    • • Encouraging student-initiated academic clubs to extend their theoretic
           knowledge for the comprehensive understanding of interdisciplinary studies
  • Autonomous Student Activities (学术型社团)

    • • Student-centered programs allowing students to initiate, organize and
           conduct activities independently
    • • Group academic research, contest preparation, volunteering work and
           mentor-mentee programs, etc